Fundamental analysis

Consumer Confidence Index

Consumer Confidence Index in USA was 113.8 last month and it is expected to increase to 121.5 this month.

Consumer Confidence Index displays the level of consumer confidence in the stability of the country's economy. The index is calculated by the Conference Board, the non-profit research organization. . The growth of consumer confidence suggests that people will spend more and will make large purchases . This will lead to an increase in economic activity and an increase in consumer spending. Also, the growth of consumer spending may lead to inflationary growth.

A higher than expected index growth may cause a short-term dollar volatility in the upward direction.


9,28,2021 Yalda

Core Durable Goods Orders

Core Durable Goods Orders m / m in the United States were 0.7% last month and are expected to reach 0.0% this month.

production of durable goods takes more time than non-durables. Therefore, this report can be used by investors to prepare a forecast for the near-term load of industrial enterprises, as well to assess the potential of investment in engineering, technological production, etc.

The data is highly volatile due to the high cost of goods, that is why data for several months are usually analyzed. The growth in the number of durable goods orders can positively affect US dollar quotes.


9,27,2021 Yalda

New Home Sales

New Home Sales in the United States was 0.708M last month and is expected to fall to 0.689M this month.

Data provided by the US National Association of Realtors is used for indicator calculation.

New Home Sales are considered to be a leading indicator compared to existing home sales. Economists use the indicator to evaluate the state of the housing market. The growth in new housing sales indicates an expansion of the real estate market and the growth of the national economic activity. Owners of financial organizations use the indicator to predict near-term mortgage loan volumes. The indicator growth can have a positive effect on dollar quotes.


9,24,2021 Yalda

Bank of England Interest Rate Decision

Bank of England Interest Rate Decision is one of the key indicators affecting the pound sterling quotes. The decision is adopted by the BoE Monetary Policy Committee .

The interest rate was 0.10% last month.The BoE may cut interest rate to help inflation rise to a target level. Conversely, if inflation exceeds the target level, the BoE would try to make the pound sterling more expensive, for which the interest rate is raised.

Therefore, each interest rate decision of the Bank of England directly affects the quotes of the pound sterling (especially when the rate is changed). A hike decision normally leads to the growth of the British pound quotes.


9,23,2021 Yalda

Building permits

Building permits in the United States were 1.635M last month and are expected to fall to 1.618M this month.

Economists analyze this indicator along with housing starts. An increase in the number of issued permits indicates an improved economy sentiment and an increase in construction investments. However, if the number of new home constructions is less than building permits, this may indicate unfavorable economic conditions, due to which projects are postponed.

The growth in the number of building permits can have a positive effect on dollar quotes.


9,20,2021 Yalda

The UK retail index

The UK retail index was -0.9% last month and is expected to reach 0.0% this month.

Retail Sales m/m show changes in the value of retail goods sold in the UK for the given month compared to the previous one.

The calculation is based on a survey, which samples 5,000 retail businesses.

Being a measure of consumer activity, the Retail Sales Index growth can affect the British pound quotes positively.


9,17,2021 Yalda

The US retail sales index

The US retail sales index was -1.1% last month and is expected to reach -0.2% this month.

The release of the Retail Sales report may have an impact on dollar quotes.

A slowdown in the growth of retail sales shows that consumers have reduced their spending level. This may lead to a decline in economic activity and have a negative effect on dollar quotes.


9,16,2021 Yalda

The US EIA crude oil index

The US EIA crude oil index was -1.528M last month and is expected to fall to -1.817M this month.

Increase of US crude oil stocks can indicate a decrease in demand for crude oil or increase in production. Such an increase negatively affects global oils prices, though it is a short-term effect. A downward trend is only formed in the market if crude oil stocks increase steadily for several weeks in a row.


9,15,2021 Yalda

Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA)

Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) Governor Lowe Speech may contain information about the expected change in the bank's interest rates or in the monetary policy The Governor has access to the full information on the intentions of the Bank's Board and the opinions of its separate members. Therefore, his statements are often carefully monitored by analysts and economists. If Governor's rhetoric suggests possible developments in the future monetary policy, such as the upcoming tightening or easing, this may have a short-term effect on the Australian dollar quotes. Positive characteristics of the Australian labor market or inflationary growth statements contained in the speech can also be seen as positive for the AUD quotes. All these factors can give investors a hint of a near-term increase in the RBA's interest rate.


9,14,2021 Yalda