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We are proud to announce that for the first time, Unicorn Forex Broker, in a professional partnership with ZELDAR, one of the great pioneers of Technologies services, and Huobi, a powerful exchange in Blockchain and cryptocurrency trading, has introduced an exceptional cryptocurrency account. Unfxb Crypto Spot and Unfxb Crypto Marginal designed on the popular MetaTrader5 platform.

From now on , the most reliable , easiest and fastest way to trade more than 300 cryptocurrency symbols are available in spot and marginal methods for cryptocurrencies traders.

The result of this cooperation is Hybrid designed so that traders from all over the world can enjoy the ability to trade in a centralized ecosystem with the benefits of a decentralized market.

In this method, there is no limitation on ordering or any volume, and at the same time, due to access to up to 30 levels to the depth of market, clients practically does not wait in the buying and selling queue and positions can be done immediately and at the best price.

In addition, this is the best spot trading account that allows you to clarify the take profit and stop loss at the same time.

Unicorn Forex Broker, winner of the International Award Of the best Cryptocurrency liquidity provider, has expanded its partnership with Zeldar and Huobi to the satisfaction of its clients and intends to provide trading more cryptocurrencies on its platform. To offer the best price and the lowest commission to its white label customers and clients.

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