PAMM, MAM, Copy Trade Accounts

PAMM, MAM, Copy Trade Accounts

Your opportunity to earn extra money both as an investor and as a trader

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In the Copy Trade account, the capital manager has access only to the money he has invested to make transactions and must do so on the same amount as the capital manager, each transaction made by the capital manager with a relative volume on the investors account to the capital manager account. It is connected and copied, in this type of partnership, the investor has access to make a transaction or close a transaction from the account manager and can close a position with which he does not agree and also open another position in his account if he wishes (manager fee The capital is automatically calculated from the profit from the transactions and is deposited for the capital manager)

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In a MAM account, the capital manager has access only to the funds he has invested in transactions and must make the same amount of capital management, each transaction made by the capital manager with a relative volume on the investor account attached to the capital manager account. Is copied.

In this type of account, investors do not have access to close trades or make other trades.

(The capital manager’s fee is automatically calculated from the profit from transactions and is paid to the capital manager)

Example: If the capital manager has $ 1,000 in the management account and trades in the amount of 0.1 lot on the euro, in the investment account that has invested the amount of $ 100, the position of EURUSD is traded in the amount of 0.01 lot.

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In a PAMM account, all the invested funds (both the capital manager and the investor funds) are available in one account for the capital manager, and it is possible for the capital manager to base his trading strategy on a higher amount than the fund alone.

Implement the title of the invested capital; The capital manager does not have access to withdraw investors’ funds and only has the funds to make transactions in the PAMM capital manager’s account. It is divided between them.

In the PAMM account, no one other than the capital manager is allowed to trade or close trades. And the authority of the account is only with the capital manager.

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