Expert Advice and 24/7 Support.


More than 17 years of experience in financial and international markets


Ability to trade in more than 1400 trading charts


Having license and under the supervision of relevant organizations


High speed in executing orders and transactions


Highest security for user's accounts and assets


Expert Advice and 24/7 Support

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Zero Spreads

The lowest trading spread among brokers

ECN accounts

Fast execution of transactions

Insurance of take profit and stop loss

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Special Bonus

Pay 25% bonus negotiable with each deposit Possibility to withdraw bonus

Possibility to withdraw bonus interest

Interest Pay up to 50% bonus on different occasions

Free demo account

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Free Education

Free videos technical analysis

Free training webinars

Technical training package for chargin account

Free demo account

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Investment Fund

Ability to earn money without experience

Payment of interest along with the guarantee of the principal

Different investment plans

PAMM / MAMM / Copy Trading accounts

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ECN account

Why should we create an ECN account?

With the many benefits of ECN trading, its popularity is not far off. You will have the following experiences when trading with your ECN account:

Overall transparency because your order is directly available to participants in other markets.

Low spreads - and even zero - during severe market fluctuations

No ricotta, thanks to instant technology

From a wide range of market participants, bid and ask is the best possible price offer.

Advanced implementation through direct transactions

what is Forex?

The word Forex as FX stands for( Foreign Exchange )Market, where all currencies and stocks can be traded and their price changes can be profited and it’s one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing financial markets, attracting a large turnover of more than $5 trillion a day. Forex has no centralized physical market, and all stocks, bonds, indices and currencies can be traded anywhere in the world just by connecting to the Internet and through trading operating systems. At UNFXB, we provide trading conditions in the Forex market and provide free trial and training accounts for those interested investing in this financial market. You can join now the millions of Forex global market traders at UNFXB.


Trading platform

To enter your trading account and trade in the Forex market, you need trading software which Meta Trader software is one of the most popular and widely used, and can be installed on phones and computers. You can see the current market prices and charts of all currencies, stocks and indices on the MetaTrader trading platform and buy or sell through it. You can now download the MetaTrader Trading Platform for UNFXB accounts here.


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