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Program of Collaboration with Financial Markets Professors


With the goal of encouraging trading knowledge, which we have always emphasized, we at UNFXB have created specific conditions for an educational collaboration and encourage experienced professors and associates to participate in this program.


Supporting Educational Programs


The potential to offer students completely free training programs with UNFXB funding.


Conference and Webinar


With UNFXB's financial support, collaborating professors can host webinars and specialized conferences


Specialized Plans and Services


Offering bonuses and festivals to academics and their students

Why collaborate on educational projects with Unicorn Forex Broker?

Aside from the enormous impact it will have on the expansion and awareness of the trade community, the educational cooperation program is a one-of-a-kind and expanding opportunity for individuals who:


* They work as financial market lecturers and want to share their knowledge and experience with others while also expanding the scope of their business.

* It is also a solution for persons who want to enter the financial markets but don't have access to associate professors or the financial means to do so.


What UNFXB has to offer in terms of educational cooperation:

* Conditions for offering free training classes for students that are interested. 

* Your investment profit will be deposited weekly and available for withdrawal.

* Organizing customized live and webinar programs including speakers.

* Financial support for webinars and specialized conferences.

* Financial support for training sessions and trading rooms.

* Holding trading competitions and awarding prizes to course students.

* Offering incentives and special programs.

Send us your contact request at the email address below or via the site's live chat to learn more and get in touch.




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