Unicorn Forex Broker Summer Festival – UNFXB

Unicorn Forex Broker Summer Festival

The excitement of Trading in  summer! 

In Unicorn Forex Broker’s summer festival , there are exiting awards for all traders with any trading methods.

Apply transactional cashback on accounts

100% credit deposit

Spend this summer more profitable with your trades at Unicorn Forex Broker!

100% credit on deposit:


– Credit is equivalent to 100% of the money that the client deposited in the trading account. For example, if a client has a deposit of $1000, by selecting the 100% credit plan, he can receive $1000 as credit, in this case, his account status is as bellow:

Balance: $1000

Credit: $1000

Equity: $2000

– This credit can only be received for GOLD trading account and clients can receive up to $40,000 withdrawable credit from Unicorn Forex Broker.

For example, if a client deposits $ 40,000, they will receive $ 40,000 in credit, or for example, if they deposits $100,000, they will finally receive $ 40,000 in credit.

– This credit cannot be lost, so be aware of your capital management, but it can be withdrawn according to the following conditions, and after completing the conditions, the credit amount will be added to the trader’s account balance.

The client must trade half of the credit.

The client must trade half the number of trading lots they received credit within 30 calendar days. For example, if a client has received $ 1000 credit, they must trade at least 500 lots within 30 calendar days.

Only trades that have been open for at least 5 minutes will be counted in the total number of lots.

After a period of 30 calendar days, the credit will be removed from the relevant account and the client will be responsible for managing the capital in the relevant trading account.

– If the broker notices cases such as transactions from different accounts with the same IP address or other cases that are examples of misuse of the credit deposit scheme, the broker has the right to close the relevant trading account, block the user account or receive damages from the violator Is.

Cashback on accounts: Details : – In the trading cashback plan, up to 20% of the trading cost is applied to all forex, metals, commodities and indices transactions (the return rate of the trading cost is different according to the traded trading symbol). All clients who trade in Standard, ECN, ECN-PRO, UNFXB-PRO accounts will receive cashback for the mentioned group of trading symbols. According to the rules of Unicorn Forex Broker, scalp transactions mean that there is at least 180 seconds between the Open and Close orders of each trading position. Therefore, trades less than this time do not include cashback, and if the transactions continue for less than 180 seconds, according to the rules, the broker has the right to take alarm measures against the relevant trading account

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