Spring Festival – UNFXB

Spring Festival

Join us in welcoming spring and maximizing your trading potential at our spring festival

The beautiful spring came…

In this year’s spring festival, Unicorn Forex Broker has some special rules for our traders and clients

We have it, you can join this great festival right now and start your spring profitably!

$20,000 prop trading account

Our gift to all clients from (March 2, 2023), to (March 25, 2023) have at least one deposit of $1,000 or more and make at least 4 trading lots have given.

40% special discount for prop trading accounts

Until (March 25, 2023), you will receive a 40% discount on your Prop Tradedig account.

– $500 + $10,000 prop reading account

A special gift for IB partners:

every IB partner even who has been working from (March 2, 2023)  to (March 25, 2023)  introduce at least 5 new clients, which total

Their deposit is more than $10,000 and their total trading volume is at least 10 lots, a special gift of 500USD plus a $10,000 prop trading account.

Contact us for more information.

Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party

Behave Lucratively!

*Note: The trading rules of Unicorn Forex Broker are also valid for the spring festival

It is fair to deal with any abuse or violation.

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