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$10,000 in credits for credit for IB Partners!!!

Paying $10,000 in credits for co-representatives $10,000 credit for IB Partners!!!

 With the aim of expanding its services as much as possible for those interested in working in the financial markets and valuing the activities of all the people who are active in this business, Unicorn Forex Broker has provided conditions for users who are partners-representatives. 

Active to benefit from $10,000 trading credit as a reward. 

Terms and Conditions: 

– All users who have received the colleague-representative referral link can benefit from these conditions.

– In this plan, the representative colleague’s performance will be reviewed within 30 calendar days, and if he achieves the set target during this period, he will be awarded a credit of $10,000.

– After it is determined that the co-representative is eligible to receive a credit of $10,000, this credit will be deposited by the broker to his trading account. 

– The credit of $10,000 is tradable and lossable, and the profit from it can be withdrawn, but the principal of the credit cannot be withdrawn.

– $10,000 credit is active and tradable for 2 months on the partner-representative’s trading account.

– In order to receive $10,000 credit, the associate-representative must have introduced at least 25 active users to Unicorn Forex Broker during the mentioned period, and these users have a total of at least $50,000 in net deposits (deposits minus withdrawals).

– The mentioned 30-day period starts from the time when the introduced user registers his first deposit as a colleague-representative

– Profit from transactions can be withdrawn from the broker’s trading account after 30 days from its deposit.

     To register your request, send an email to the following address after receiving the referral link.


The first withdrawal will eliminate the entire bonus amount.

– After receiving the $10,000 credit, if the introduced user withdraws from the referring partner, the same amount will be deducted from the credit paid to the referring partner. – All rules of the broker regarding transactions and… are valid for transactions with credit of $10,000.

– If it becomes clear to Uniocorn Forex Broker that the policy of the broker has been ignored or misused, Unicorn Forex Broker has the right to deal with the violation and take action.

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