The pleasure of trading Cryptocurrency Spot with UNFXB – UNFXB

The pleasure of trading Cryptocurrency Spot with UNFXB

Unicorn Forex Broker is honored to be the first broker in the world to provide a dedicated cryptocurrency Spot trading account on the popular MetaTrader 5 platform and make it available to clients to trade. From now on, the most reliable, easiest and fastest way to trade more than 300 cryptocurrency symbols by Spot method is available for the cryptocurrencies’ traders.

Spot Unfxb Crypto account is a Hybrid designed for clients from all over the world to use the central ecosystem as well as benefit the decentral markets. In fact, clients can enter cryptocurrency networks only with easy and secure authentication in Unicorn Forex Broker, eliminate complicated exchange’s platforms with high fees and trade in global networks easily.

By setting up this account on the popular MetaTrader platform, it is possible for investors to have a complete management view on their investments and trades, and also, the best psychedelic conditions for using services.

Some important features of this innovative and creative account are :

1-Ability to set the TP and SL, Dynamic, graphically and numerically.

2-Ability to set the Buy limit and Buy stop orders, graphically and numerically.

3- Execution of orders at the best price with access to 30 levels from the depth of market.

4-show the exact amount of profit and loss and the complete history of orders.

5-No need experience of working with a variety of wallets.

6-Easy access with PC, Windows / MAC, Android/IOS and Web Trader.

On the other hand, Unicorn Forex Broker has been provided to deposit and withdraw directly, without commission or errors, so that clients do not have to worry about losing their capital in the Blockchain network.

Other features of this dedicated account :

-without swap , funding rate or trading commission

-low trading fee

-providing demo account exactly the same as real account

Eventually, we are proud to announce that Unicorn Forex Broker, as the exclusive reference for providing liquidity (Liquidity), is ready to cooperate and participate at higher levels, provide white labels, etc. to the activists in this field.

UNFXB support team is ready to respond to you 7/24.

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