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UNFXB Joint Venture

UNFXB Joint Venture is a unique opportunity for profitable traders and those who want to share in their success.


Investors Venture


Join thousands of traders and investors in UNFXB Joint venture accounts


Increase Skills


Use your skills as a professional trader to earn extra money


Join Traders and Investors


Increase your income without the need for Forex and stocks experience

Why choosing Join Venture in UNFXB?

The Forex Market is one of the largest financial markets in the world with the ability to make a lot of profit, As a reason many people are interested in working in this market. However, making a profit in this field requires skill, experience and time, and all people do not have enough experience or time to work in the financial markets.



Do not have enough information or time to trade in the Forex market and on the other hand, want their capital to be in their own account And benefit.



Professional and successful people in financial markets.



Benefits of Investing with UNFXB Joint Venture

Increase income in the shortest time without the need for knowledge and experience in financial markets (Forex, stocks, commodities, precious metals, energy, indices, digital currencies)


* Full control on your money(only you access to whithdraw your money)

* Automatic, very simple and fast function Of copping trades within a few milliseconds

* Review trading performance of thousands of profitable traders from the list of managers

* Increase investment amount or cancel partnership in the joint venture fund

* Opportunity to work with a dedicated team of professional and qualified traders


the list of traders, Register

Specify your investment amount and deposit into the account

select the appropriate trader based on their performance from the list and and copy trading positions .

Share part of the profit with the trader

Advantages of joint ventures for experienced traders

Utilize your skills and experience to manage money in investment accounts to increase your income.


* Multiple accounts can be quickly and easily managed for transactions from a single account.

* Trading copies automatically, quickly, and easily takes place in a matter of milliseconds.

* Trade as usual and earn more money from co-investors’ rewards.

* Gaining access to as many investors as possible

* You keep using the same trading strategy and account settings, but at the end of the month you get paid a commission




Share your effective trading strategy with others on leaderboard

trade as usual

Gain benefits of sharing beneficial trades and improve your trading effectiveness.

UNFXB Joint Venture

Managers' Performance

Account Type
Account Number
MAM 2153 68.17%
PAMM 20550 54.07%
PAMM 16977 48.80%
PAMM 19436 25.01%
PAMM 15220 16.31%

In a PAMM account, all the invested funds (both the capital manager and the investor funds) are available in one account for the capital manager, and it is possible for the capital manager to base his trading strategy on a higher amount than the fund alone. Implement the title of the invested capital; The capital manager does not have access to withdraw investors' funds and only has the funds to make transactions in the PAMM capital manager's account. It is divided between them. In the PAMM account, no one other than the capital manager is allowed to trade or close trades. And the authority of the account is only with the capital manager.

In a MAMM account, the capital manager has access only to the funds he has invested in transactions and must make the same amount of capital management, each transaction made by the capital manager with a relative volume on the investor account attached to the capital manager account. Is copied. In this type of account, investors do not have access to close trades or make other trades. (Capital manager's fee is automatically calculated from the profit from transactions and is paid to the capital manager)

In the Copy Trade account, the capital manager has access only to the money he has invested to make transactions and must do so on the same amount as the capital manager, each transaction made by the capital manager with a relative volume on the investors account to the capital manager account. It is connected and copied, in this type of partnership, the investor has access to make a transaction or close a transaction from the account manager and can close a position with which he does not agree and also open another position in his account if he wishes (manager fee The capital is automatically calculated from the profit from the transactions and is deposited for the capital manager)