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White Label

White label is actually a kind of partnership and solution for individuals or organizations that have a significant number of users and want to act as a broker but for reasons such as lack of knowledge or sufficient capital, they do not want or can not start their activity as the main broker (My label).

White Label, as part of the solution, includes items such as liquidity supply, trading platform, payment system, IB program and Copy / MAM / PAMM trading systems, etc. Unicorn Holding specifically offers the following:

•    Forex liquidity
•    Liquidity cryptocurrency
•    MetaTrader and MetaManager platform
•    CRM platform and payment gateways
•    Also, ancillary services include:
•    Register the company and receive licenses
•    running website
•    etc …

Unicorn Holding, based on its knowledge and experience, offers White Label Partnership to its partners with the best and most optimal conditions.


Benefits of White Label Partnership:

•    Opportunity to provide quality services of Unicorn Brokers under its own name and advertisement;
•    Independence in the administrative work of the company;
•    Low start-up cost with the lowest initial capital;
•    The popular MetaTrader5 trading platform with your brand logo;
•    Ability to monitor customer activity with Meta Manager;
•    Unicorn Broker support through multiple channels, fast and reliable multilingual technical support;
•    For training and testing goals, a demo environment is provided so that people can perform their trading strategies without risk and become familiar with market performance. If you request changes to the white label, all changes will be made as soon as possible;
•    Create opportunities to adjust your trading and partnership terms
•    Legal support during the preparation phase, to ensure that your brokerage is completely legal;
•    Use the financial services and support of the 24/7 Unicorn Broker team to handle your questions and requests.
•    White label is a good solution for individuals or companies who want to work in the field of Forex brokerage, but their experience and initial capital for full licensing broker is low, so instead of setting up a full-fledged Forex broker, the White Label option is a convenient, quick and easy choice. Our consultants are always available to guide and advise you in the best possible way. For more information, contact the following email address.