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Introducing brokers And Expert

These rules are written by UNFXB international broker

  1. Destructive expert
  • If the client uses a malicious expert or the broker detects that the expert used is malicious / the broker is allowed to disable the expert.
  • If the VPS port is used to prevent the expert from being recognized, the customer account will be blocked, and the profit will not be paid, and the client is only allowed to withdraw his main fund.
  • Also, if the client does not pay attention to the broker's written notice within 12 hours,
  • The broker will permanently block the client account and will be kept as a harm and loss to a broker
  1. Disclaimer
  • The responsibility for the protection and security of personal information, including the password to the cabin (Password) and also the password of the transaction account is the responsibility of the account holder.
  • Therefore, refrain from passing passwords and account information to other people (you can use Investor's Password to show the performance of your account).
  • Note that UNFXB adheres to the Privacy Policy.
  • In case of any Problems and disclosure of personal information by the user, the broker does not accept any responsibility for possible abuses.
  • Introducing Broker (IB) does not mean hiring a representative in a broker,
  • And persons who cooperate with the broker as a representative are not considered broker employees and receive a commission only for their cooperation and introduction of other clients to the broker.
  • Please Keep in mind that,
  • any person can work with the broker as a Referral (IB) and can earn money through the Referral Cooperation (IB) with the broker,
  • The program has to be according to the approved plan and the obligations of the parties.
  • All possible deposit and withdrawal methods in UNFXB, including Rial method (Shaparak portal), dollar method, electronic wallets and payments with crypto currencies, are done directly from the customer's account cabinet and with authentication.
  • Therefore, do not proceed to deposit or withdraw money from the account in any way other than the methods introduced in the personal cabinet and directly from the provided portals.

And if you encounter conversations such as:

  • “Provide us your personal account number for deposits” or calls such as "We will charge your account in Rials and ..." and etc.
  • Please be sure to inform the broker immediately through the live support section or sending an email;
  • In case of any problem, the broker can not accept responsibility