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Commission Laws and Terms

UNFXB LTD (hereafter the “Company”), is owned and operated by Unicorn Forex Broker and regulated by the International Commission Laws and Terms

Terms and conditions of transactions in Unicorn Forex Broker

  1. cryptocurrency market has a high risk

Trading in the cryptocurrency market has a high risk. Trading in this market can put all or part of your fund at risk.


  1. Introduction

Trading in this market should be done by a share of your fund, The loss of that part can be overlooked for you.


  1. General money laundering provisions Investing

in cryptocurrencies has the risk that, One or all of the currencies may lose their value and loose their material value in the future


  1. Client confidentiality
  • UNFXB broker accounts are marginal (deposit) and investors should pay attention to this.
  • Marginal accounts have leverage
  • This leverage will increase the risk of your trades many times over


  1. The MLRO
  • Trading with leveraged accounts requires knowledge and experience.
  • Investors are responsible for applying fund management of their accounts. This controls and limits market risks.


  1. Compliance

Crypto currency's accounts have commissions and the amount of this commission is a percentage of the value of your transaction.


  1. Duty on establishing business relationships
  • Due to the fact that cryptocurrency accounts have trading leverage, you need a smaller amount of fund to make a transaction, but the higher the volume of your trade, the more commissions you will pay, for example:
  • Assuming the price of Bitcoin is $ 50,000 and you use the 1: 100 leverage, the amount of fund required by the investor for each unit of Bitcoin is $ 500.
  • An investor with $ 500 fund can benefit or lose from fluctuating a full bitcoin unit, which means that if he has chosen the volume on one lot and the price has risen to 52,000, Investor if buying bitcoins.
  • At the rate of one lot, Has earned a gross profit of two thousand dollars.
  • Which is deducted from the above amount of 0.9% equal to $ 486 of the commission and the net profit is equal to 1515 dollars.


  1. Identification procedures
  • If your transaction exceeds 23:59, a swap will be applied at 00:00.
  • The amount of the swap, like the commission, is a percentage of the value of your trade.
  • For example, for the above assumption, the swap applied for one night is equivalent to $ 173
  • The Swap fee is not fixed and is variable


  1. High- risk countries
  • The investor is obliged to choose the most appropriate leverage and fund when opening an account.
  • Because trading leverage, Selected automatically after opening an account.


  1. Verification responsibility

Over Trading Or exceed in trading will cause the brokerage to automatically change the trader leverage.


  1. Verification procedures
  • The investor must be familiar with commission tariff, swaps and how to calculate them.
  • The amount of each of them are specified on each symbol.


  1. Platform

Trading in UNFXB brokerage is done on MT4 And MT5 platform


  1. Record keeping procedures

The prices offered for the crypto currencies are obtained live from the opposition of supply and demand and there is a possibility of price difference with other brokerages and exchange offices.


  1. Education and training

Due to severe fluctuations in this market, you may notice the possibility of activating the profit and loss limits in other numbers. For each order there must be an order with an equivalent volume or more in the opposite direction of the specific position, this is a reason to change the activation of loss and profit levels.