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What is UNFXB Partnership Investment?

PAMM account stands for Percent Allocation Management Module is a new and growing feature for people who:
They do not have enough information or time to trade in the Forex market and on the other hand they want to have their capital in their own account. By investing in PAMM account, these people can invest with the management of experienced traders.
They work in the Forex market for a long time and successfully, by managing a PAMM account, you can use your abilities.

. A PAM account is a partnership between a professional trader and people who have no knowledge, experience or interest in trading and tend to invest in a trade instead of trading it themselves. If professionals are less risky than making a risky deal themselves. Today, investing in PAM accounts is one of the low-risk, high-income ways.

UNFXB Partnership Investment Advantage

– Ability to receive income without having experience in FOREX and CFD markets
– Invest and trade in automated PAM accounts. Profit and loss are determined based on the amount of capital and percentage specified by the account manager (trader). Simply put, this is an agreement between the investor and the trader. Profit or loss from the business of the PAM account holder is divided among the investors.
– The trader’s profit is distributed appropriately among investors. The trader or the owner of Pam account also gets his reward.
Pam Broker, as an independent supervisor, guarantees that both Pam’s account manager and the investor will fulfill their obligations.
– The trader (Pam account holder) can not withdraw money from investors. Although the management of funds is with the trader, but he can not withdraw them and the withdrawal is possible only by the investor.

Brokers show past performance of PAM accounts. That is, the broker monitors the accounts as an independent observer, showing them to investors in the form of graphs and numbers, and the investor has the option of choosing from hundreds of managers and investing in an unlimited number of PAM accounts.

* The main and most important feature of the PAM account is that the account manager is involved in trading losses, so that the account manager must always have a certain amount of capital in the PAM account, and this amount, like investors’ money, is exposed to risk. The manager’s loss should be in proportion to his capital in the partner’s loss.
In this way, investors are confident that the manager, in order to maintain his own capital, will seek the maximum profit of the account and its minimum loss.