UNFXB Joint Venture

UNFXB Joint Venture is a unique opportunity for profitable traders and those who want to share in their success

investors venture

Join thousands of traders and investors in UNFXB Joint venture accounts

Increase skills

Use your skills as a professional trader to earn extra money

Join traders and investors

Increase your income without the need for Forex and stocks experience

The Forex Market is one of the largest financial markets in the world with the ability to make a lot of profit, As a reason many people are interested in working in this market. However, making a profit in this field requires skill, experience and time, and all people do not have enough experience or time to work in the financial markets.

UNFXB Joint Venture is a unique and growing opportunity for those who:


Do not have enough information or time to trade in the Forex market and on the other hand, want their capital to be in their own account And benefit.


Professional and successful people in financial markets.

Benefits of Investing with UNFXB Joint Venture


Increase income in the shortest time without the need for knowledge and experience in financial markets (Forex, stocks, commodities, precious metals, energy, indices, digital currencies)

Full control on your money(only you access to whithdraw your money)

Automatic, very simple and fast function Of copping trades within a few milliseconds

Review trading performance of thousands of profitable traders from the list of managers

Increase investment amount or cancel partnership in the joint venture fund

Opportunity to work with a dedicated team of professional and qualified traders

the list of traders, Register

Specify your investment amount and deposit into the account

select the appropriate trader based on their performance from the list and and copy trading positions .

Share part of the profit with the trader

Benefits of trading in UNFXB Joint Venture as a trader


Social trading gives you a unique opportunity to Trade as usual and earn more money

Fast and comfortable trading

Manage multiple accounts in one account

Opportunity to attract more investors by sharing their successes and profitable trades with others

Trade as usual and increase your income by receiving performance fee

Opportunity attract more investors


Share your business strategy and performance with others

Earn your performance fee by sharing your profitable trade and increase your income

Boost your profits with UNFXB Joint Venture

For different trading methods and the needs of capital managers and investors, the possibility of investing in three forms of PAMM, MAM and CopyTrade accounts has been created.