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Receive your account prize from us by participating in the great Unicorn Forex Broker family campaign

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This campaign started from 17.01.2022 at 00:00 to the server time and will continue until 17.02.2022 at 00:00 to the server time.

all clients can participate in this campaign by opening a Unicorn Festival - ECN account from their personal cabin and receive a cash prize up to 120% of their deposit and also earn profit of their trading by completing the conditions.

In addition, clients can earn points by introducing their friends and increase their chances of winning prize, and who meet the conditions are introduced as top managers in the professional PAMM / MAMM / Copy Trade platform and can increase their income by becoming one of our account managers in this platform.

It’s time to receive cash prize for new year from us:

Terms and conditions of the great Unicorn Forex Broker family campaign:

  • The campaign will start from 17.01.2022 at 00:00 to the server time and will end on 17.02.2022 at 00:00 in the time server.
  • Each person can only have one Unicorn Festival - ECN account.
  • The time to complete the conditions for receiving the prize is two weeks from the time the clients deposit their campaign account.
  • . Receiving the prize is required to complete both required conditions, the minimum deposit amount and completing the trading volume within the specified time.
  • Prizes for clients who meet the requirements are paid without a lottery and can be transferred to a trading account or withdrawn at the request of the individual.
  • The two-week period starts from the day clients deposit their campaign account, and after two weeks, their trades are automatically closed, and if the conditions are met, 120% of account’ balance will be received in cash according to the prize table.
  • The minimum trading time must be more than 7minuts.
  • All clients who have registered in Unicorn Forex Broker and have completed the verification process can participate in this project by opening a Unicorn Festival - ECN account and depositing the specified amount during the campaign, Receive their prize by completing the conditions.
  • Cryptocurrencies and shares are not tradable in campaign account.
  • transfering is not allowed during the campaign.
  • If a client intends to re-deposit to their account before the end of the two-week period of the deposit, their previous points will be zero and will be calculated from the time of their second deposit.
  • If it is found that someone has abused the terms of the campaign, the broker is allowed to remove them from continuing to participate in the campaign.
  • clients can earn points by introducing their friends during the campaign and win by completing less trading volume.
  • The person you introduce to the campaign must be registered and verified from their IP and also do not have an account with the broker before, if it is determined for the Unicorn Broker, the person who has abused the introduction conditions, the broker has the right to prevent them from Participating in the campaign.
  • There is no limit to the number of introducing friends and the maximum receiving points from each friend is 256 points.
  • Company employees and colleagues are not allowed to participate in the campaign.
  • Using expert or copy trading is not allowed.

If a member of the Forex Brokers Unicorn family campaign fails to complete the requirements within two weeks, all the points earned will be zero and they can complete the conditions again the next week. Continuation of the campaign in the following weeks is conditional on the completion of the deposit specified in one of the groups.

For example, if a client deposits $ 1,000 and fails to complete the conditions within two weeks, their balance is $ 800, and intends to re-enter the $ 1,000 campaign, they must deposit $ 200 again.

And if a person deposits $ 1,000 and fails to complete the requirements within two weeks and their balance is $ 1,200 and intends to re-enter the $ 1,000 campaign, $ 200 of the profit will be transferred to their wallet and $ 1,000 in balance and they can trade, but if clients want to participate in the higher groups of the campaign, the amount of profit remains in their account and they only need to transfer the rest of the amount to their account.

For example, if a client intends to continue in the $ 2,500 group, $ 1,200 remains in his campaign account, and by depositing $ 1,300, he can complete the conditions in this group and receive a prize.

Terms of deposit and completion of the trading lot of the campaign are divided into eight groups according to the deposit amount of the client, which is in the table below.

Group deposit Trading volume Trading time Max receiving prize
1 $100 30 lot 14 days $120
2 $250 60 lot 14 days $300
3 $500 120 lot 14 days $600
4 $1000 240 lot 14 days $1200
5 $2500 480 lot 14 days $3000
6 $5000 960 lot 14 days $6000
7 $10000 1920 lot 14 days $12000
8 $20000 3830 lot 14 days $24000

Receiving points from introducing friends is according to the table below

group deposit Minimum trading volume Trading time Maximum receiving point
1 $100 5 lot 14 days 2 lot
2 $250 10 lot 14 days 4 lot
3 $500 20 lot 14 days 8 lot
4 $1000 40 lot 14 days 16 lot
5 $2500 80 lot 14 days 32 lot
6 $5000 160 lot 14 days 64 lot
7 $10000 320 lot 14 days 128 lot
8 $20000 640 lot 14 days 256 lot

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