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٪ 25 negotiable & negotiable bonuses with each deposit up to $ 2,500

One of the best services & plans of UNFXB is charging 25% of the customer's deposit as a bonus that customers can have it with any time Deposit in his/her trading account & get benefit from this plan. It should be noted that the UNFXB deposit bonus is tradable , loss-making & if the customer loses his capital deposit , they can continue their transactions with the received bonus & compensate their account loss.


Professional technical analysis training package for free for customers that their deposit is top up at least $ 700

In this training package, technical analysis from zero to one hundred has been prepared online with real transactions, which has 115 training clips of private & group training & student debugging, as well as customers who charge their trading account below $ 700. They can watch the training package from beginner to professional level of 2016, which is from semester one to semester five, for free on the central site of Unicorn Holding.


Charging a (Riali account) is 400 Tomans lower than the daily rate

UNFXB, along with its other services, has considered a special service for its customers. Iranian customers can charge their trading account up to 400 Tomans below the price of their trading account. Also, for the convenience of customers, the deposit & withdrawal price of the broker every working day will be placed in three news in the official channel of the broker telegram, customers need to enter the deposit section through their personal cabin & click on the Rial account recharge option and go to the Rial port. To be connected