Happy Black Friday!

Black Friday and a special bonus of Unicorn Forex Broker

Special plan of Unicorn Forex Broker on the occasion of Black Friday eventThis bonus is available for all users from all over the world!

The first deposit on November 24th, 25th, and 26th will include a 25% tradable and possible bonus instead of 15%, and other deposits will include the same 15% bonus.
All users, both those who have already deposited and those who have made their first deposit, can receive this bonus.

This special bonus is applied to STANDARD, ECN, ECNPRO, and UNFXBPRO account like the 15% bonus plan, and the limit for receiving the bonus (special bonus + 15% bonus) is $2500, there is no time limit or volume of transactions.

• The bonus amount will be removed with the first withdrawal.

• Please note, any misuse of the plan will result in the closure of the user's account.