$50 cash gift for the beginning of autumn

Unicorn forex broker’s autumn festival

$50 cash gift for the beginning of autumn

The beginning of autumn is a reminder and motivation to start learning...

At the same time as the beginning of autumn, Unicorn Forex Broker has also considered the gift of trading for dear traders along with the unveiling of new educational services in its autumn festival!

All Unicorn Forex Broker’s clients can participate in the autumn festival and benefit from the 50$ cash gift of this festival.

Steps to participate in the festival:

  • Open a platinum account
  • Deposit 50$ or more
  • Receive 50% tradable bonus

Festival’s condition:

  • You are able to trade more than 1400 trading forex symbols such as shares, index, metals, commodities and even cryptocurrencies in this account and make profit.
  • The 50% gift is fully tradable.
  • This gift is active in this account for 30 calendar days.
  • If you trade 15 lots within 30 days, this gift will be added to your balance and it will be withdrawable
  • - If you are unable to trade 15 lots within 30 days, the gift will be deducted from the account, but the deposit plus the profit or minus the loss will still remain in the account and the account is active and the you can Continue trading.
  • - If the account becomes zero after 30 days, you can receive the gift again with the next deposit.
  • - You are allowed to trade all symbols in this account, and the profit from them can be withdrawn, but the trading of shares and cryptocurrencies will not be counted in the counting of lots for withdrawing the gift.
  • The first withdrawal will eliminate the entire bonus amount.
  • - All terms and conditions of the broker will be included in this account, and any misuse of the festival conditions is an example of violation and the broker will take the necessary action, such as closing the account, etc. according to the laws.


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